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Mosaïque de la Salle Pleyel vue de haut

The rotunda mosaic © P.E Rastoin

Print your tickets at home!

When you buy your tickets online, get them immediately by printing them yourself.

No more waiting for your tickets to arrive by post or queuing to pick them up! With a click, you can walk right into the concert hall!

How does it work?

Printing prerequisites
White A4 paper only
You must have Acrobat Reader (click here to download it free)

It's quick and easy.

Once you’ve chosen your concert date and the number of tickets you desire, just select the “Print your tickets” option.

Your tickets will be provided in a PDF file and can be printed once your order is completed. Following payment, click on the “follow your order” button.

You will also receive confirmation via e-mail : log-in to your personnal account in order to print your tickets or print them again if they’ve been lost.

When you get to the Salle Pleyel

The bar code on your ticket will be scanned upon your arrival at the Salle Pleyel.

Only the first person presenting any given ticket will be granted entry. The first person will be considered to be the legitimate bearer of the ticket. So, take good care of your ticket, since no disputes on illegal reproduction of tickets will be admitted.