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Management of the Salle Pleyel

The Ministry of Culture and Communication has expressed a desire that the Salle Pleyel continue, following the renovations, its vocation of welcoming the greatest French and foreign symphonic orchestras in the context of a programming that is open to all forms of music. It has awarded this project’s leadership to the Cité de la Musique, a public establishment with an industrial and commercial status (EPIC) created in 1995 and placed under its supervision, allowing it by the same token to enlarge its artistic plans. To do this, the Ministry of Culture and Communication has authorised the Cité de la Musique to assume the lease of the Salle Pleyel and to manage it through the intermediary of a subsidiary, Cité-Pleyel, associated with the City of Paris.

Salle des concerts de la Cité de la musique

© P.E Rastoin

The Pleyel
and Villette concerts

The Cité de la Musique has two concert halls at the Parc de la Villette. One of them, which is adjustable with roughly 1,000 seats, is particularly well suited for works of the Baroque, Classical or Contemporary repertoires. The other, an amphitheatre of 250 seats is given to Chamber Music, to playing the instruments in the Museum’s collection and to shows for young audiences.

Henceforth, these two sectors animated by the Cité de la Musique and its subsidiary the Cité-Pleyel, will invite music lovers to more than 350 concerts per season. At La Villette, the thematically organised programming addresses periods (Medieval, Baroque, Classical and more contemporary), musical styles, and at times combines different orchestral configurations and cultures in the same concert. The Salle Pleyel — with its residents, its orchestras and guest artists — aims at creating an environment that is well disposed to receiving the masterpieces of the symphonic repertoire that punctuate the past and the present of music.

Other facilities on offer at the Cité de la Musique

Musée de la musique / Espace 20e

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The Musée de la Musique, housed within the Cité, has a permanent collection covering over 3,000 m². The itinerary explores the history and manufacture of instruments in Europe and closes with a representative insight into the extra-European scene. A series of temporary exhibitions extend the Museum’s field of exploration.
On an educational level, the Cité organises many activities aimed at youngsters and adults on the Villette site (workshops, master classes, Museum tours, courses, study days, etc.), which deal with numerous musical styles.

Musée de la musique / Espace 20e

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The recently opened Multimedia Library combines all the facilities offered by a music library and a reference resource centre. A multimedia space is notably dedicated to the listening to Cité concert recordings. A number of computer stations set up in the foyer of the Salle Pleyel will offer the same facilities.

Combi-passes Villette/Pleyel

In order to encourage audiences at the Salle Pleyel and La Villette to frequent both sites, a series of preferential price offers have been devised. This means that holders of a number of subscriptions or those enjoying ad-hoc access to the Salle Pleyel will benefit from the following reductions:

  • 10% on all concerts at the Cité de la Musique at La Villette;
  • 20% on all Museum tour rates (with or without guide);
  • 20% on all educational events at the Cité (offer valid for parents and their children).