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Entrance hall of the Salle Pleyel

Entrance hall of the Salle Pleyel © Nicolas Borel


The tax arrangements of the law of 1st August 2003 concerning sponsorship allow companies to deduct from their profit tax 60% of sums paid in sponsorship. This sum must not exceed 0.5% of turnover. The benefits offered in return must remain below 25% of the contributed sum.

Becoming a sponsor of the Salle Pleyel means:

  • attracting the world’s finest musical formations and the most renowned artists;
  • associating your company’s image with one of the best auditoriums;
  • benefiting from a first-class communication space;
  • becoming a prominent figure on the cultural scene;
  • helping to narrow the gap between the corporate world and culture;
  • promoting your corporate image among your partners and the public.

The options available

Sponsorship may be specifically associated with the different projects of the Salle Pleyel, including:

  • support for an individual concert;
  • support for a series of concerts;
  • support for policies for young people’s activities.

The benefits

Every corporate sponsor benefits from exclusive advantages, including:

  • communication: mention of the sponsor in all communication media linked to the projects concerned (programmes, posters, ads, website, on-site signage, etc.);
  • public relations: provision of prestigious premises for receptions associated with the projects concerned;
  • category 1 Prestige concert seats;
  • personalised reception.

Example: Sponsorship of a selected production

Public relations Operation

  • 100 category 1 Prestige concert seats
  • provision of the foyer for a cocktail buffet after the concert


  • inclusion in the concert communication plan
  • logo and mention in the concert programme
  • corporate logo and link on the Salle Pleyel website
  • on-site signage the day of the concert

Sum requested for one concert: €50,000
Sum requested for a concert at a special price: €70,000